This is my fleet of equipment.

For any contractor equipment is important. I have a range of equipment that allows me to effectively perform both large and small jobs. Take a look at the range of equipment I can provide for your job. Having the right equipment makes the job go smoother and more efficiently. I have well over a 1, 000 hours of operation on each piece of equipment.

Ford 40,000 Gross Pound Ramp Truck

I have owned this truck for many years. It maybe old but I keep it in top shape and it has safely and effectively delivered equipment to many jobs. The advantage of this rig is that you can deliver a steel tracked piece of equipment on to sites without facing the limitations of a trailer and the added work required to keep the steel tracks from damaging asphalt, concrete, etc. Due to the reach of the ramps in some cases I have spanned right over sidewalks to drop the machine right into front yards. This truck requires a CDL A classification license.

John Deere 190 E Excavator 18,000 LBS

This machine weighs 18,000 Lbs. It is the largest in the mini excavator family. With 24” tracks, a blade and thumb this excavator is well suited for most phase of resident and commercial construction. Ditching, excavating, demolition, clearing, stump removal, contouring of land all are appropriate applications for this machine. Although there are much larger machines the JD 190E is excellent for most residential jobs where plenty of power is packaged into a compact/mini unit.

Takeuchi TL 126 Track Loader 9,500 LBS 

This track loader is excellent for moving material around job sites. The TL 126 is very maneuverable, capable of moving large amounts of materials quickly and accurately placing the material. Spreading of topsoil and gravel is a breeze. Grading coupled with a laser can achieve grades suitable for sub grading of concrete work or sloping for drainage.

John Deere 35 C 9,000 LBS (ZTS) Zero Tail Swing  

This machine is excellent for residential and commercial work in tight spaces.Trenching, grading, small stump and brush removal are easily completed with this machine.The large clean out bucket (not shown) is excellent for sod removal and placing topsoil for yard preparation. Equipped with rubber tracks assures that the 35C can gain access to sites surrounded by concrete and asphalt without

Ford LN 8000 Dump Truck 32,000 LBS Gross 

This truck is great for bring up to 16,000 lbs of material into tight quarters. The truck has a turning radius nearly as tight as a pick-up. It can haul 5 to 7 yards of sand, gravel, topsoil, compost, debris or other materials. The truck is equipped with a tarping system to assure the material is secure and not a danger to other motorists. I double lined the box with steel so I can haul large rockery rocks without damaging the bed. Some rocks can weight up to 5,000 lbs. That is more than some small cars weigh! With a turbocharged diesel engine and heavy specification make this rig  a dependable workhorse. This truck requires a CDL A license to operate.

 CASE 550E Dozer   

This dozer is great for grading, clearing and moving large amounts of material.With a turbo charged Cumming engine it has plenty of breakout force. It is one thing to push dirt with a dozer, it is a whole other ball game to maintain precision and final grades that job sites require. I have well over 2,000 hours of operation time and have owned five different bulldozers. The 550E is my favorite. My first was a gas engine Case 310.