About  Me


Long story short

My name is Jim Agnew. I am the owner of Cascade Dozing LLC. I have lived in the Northwest all my life.  After high school I attended welding school and worked as a fabricator/ certified welder for a number of years.  I worked my way through college as an employee of the local John Deere Dealership in Ellensburg, Washington.  While employed as a welder, mechanic and occasional operator my interest in heavy equipment and earth work grew. I am a graduate of Central Washington University.

I have always loved the outdoors. I have climbed most major peaks in Washington and regularly hike in the Tiger Mountain trail complex for conditioning. My Grandfather was a timber cruiser and logged by horse during the early 1900’s. At one point he had 200 men working in the woods! I attribute my natural ability to size up sites to my Grandfather. When I was young my Mother complained that she could not keep me indoors and out of the dirt. I still have some of my Tonka trucks and bulldozers to attest to my interest in moving dirt at a young age!

I bought my first dozer, a CASE 310, in the early 80’s, rebuilt it and put it to work. Since that time I have owned numerous pieces of equipment and have expanded into more diverse equipment fitting for the scope of work I do.  My ability to maintain and operate my own equipment has been essential to my success. These skills combined with an affinity for working outdoors has proved to be a good combination for me.

I have all the right tools, let me Help You